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Become a yacht owner!


KaufcharterTo own a yacht in one of the many beautiful sailing areas of this planet, is certainly every sailor's dream!

However, financial and time factors tend to be the biggest barrier in realising this dream. The financing of the yacht, its high maintenance costs, the time needed for service work, etc., these are all major issues that need to be addressed.

With our purchase-charter system, we can offer you an easy solution to these problems! Through our purchase-charter model with significantly reduced costs and no personal effort, you can make your dream come true!


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How does it work?

You can buy your yacht through us, we can even offer you the right financing with the help of one of our partners. In addition to new boats, used boats are also available from our bargain range!

We charter your yacht for you during the time you don' t use it yourself. The division of the charter revenues and the costs is clearly defined in a service contract. This service contract covers a period of 1 year (with the option to auto-renew) up to 10 years. Other modes of payment are also possible. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this attractive concept more in detail.
We will take care of everything concerning your yacht, from the equipment, transportation and commissioning, obtaining all necessary papers for chartering, taking out the insurance, berth, etc., to even a possible selling of the ship at the end of the charter period.
Your yacht shall be maintained year-round professionally by us, so you do not have to worry about anything. You will never need to waste your valuable holiday time on repairs, cleaning and the like.


Which yacht?

YachtenThe "ideal" charter yacht should have a favourable purchase price, low maintenance costs and a high quality enabling the charterer the luxury of a reliable, functional boat over the entire (!!) charter time and of course also obtain a good resale value.
Of course, there is no yacht that meets all these criteria perfectly, the yacht selection is thus always a compromise between these factors. The size / cabin number and the planned use of the yacht after the chartering (only private use, sale, etc ...) must also be included in these considerations.

It's difficult to make decisions with the added factor of such an extensive model range.
Therefore, good, unbiased advice is very important. Call us and let us know your ideas and wishes. We will advise you on the pros / cons of different types of ships, shipyards, grounds, etc.!
A very important point in choosing the yacht is also the resale value. Without a good resale of a used yacht, the cheapest price at the time of purchase becomes useless. This point is often neglected by many interested parties, as a lower purchase price is often very tempting. The resale is usually in the hands of the owner, thus enabling him/her to take on this risk completely alone!


Used yachts

A frequently asked question is whether a used yacht can be accepted into such a system. This depends greatly on year of manufacture, but also the yacht type and size. The area may also have an impact on the outcome. Thus, for example, in Croatia and various other areas the application for charter bears relatively high non-recurring costs. Therefore, a complete new registration for a 5-6 year old yacht  would be required, but might not be worthwhile anymore.

Every now and again, we offer used yachts from our Croatian charter fleet, which of course already have all the necessary papers for charter operations and thus account for the application costs. If you are interested in a used yacht, then please ask us for the latest used boat list. Some of these ships may also be bought with an existing contract! Interested parties wanting to buy a second hand yacht may also look at yachts stationed in Cape Verde, because here, the year of manufacture does not play a major role.



karteWe look after your yacht directly or through subsidiaries / partner companies in the areas:
Croatia (Pula, Murter, Split)
Cape Verde Islands (all district!)

Other areas
Through our years of charter operations, we have an extensive network of partner companies in all sailing areas worldwide. So we can offer you a berth for your yacht in many other areas (eg Turkey, Spain, Italy, Caribbean, South -Tahiti, Seychelles, Thailand). Of course in this case, we will also take care of the chartering, control of billing, spare parts etc, ...



How many years a yacht can remain a charter vessel depends very much on the size / cabin number, type (= quality) and the area it is based in. Experience has shown that the demand on older ships depends very much on the manufacturing yard! In our experience, a calculation period of 6-8 years should be used. Large monohull yachts (50 feet+) and catamarans tend to have a slightly longer averaging charter period of up to 10 years. We will gladly inform you about a sensible plan for the charter period of your desired yacht size / type!



In the Mediterranean, the maximum attainable time period is about 26 to 28 weeks, depending on vessel size and layout (Heating, radar, etc ...). There are years where the maximum charter period is achieved, however it would be quite ludicrous to assume such situation for the calculation of return over many years, it would not be serious. We base our calculations on the average charter time utilising data from recent years. These are, depending on vessel type, size and number of cabins generally from 18 to 22 weeks.

In Cape Verde, yachts can be chartered throughout the year and hence the workload is significantly longer. Here vessels may work up to 40 to 45 weeks in a year, but one can assume an averageccupIn Cape Verde yachts can be chartered throughout the year and hence the workload is significantly longer. Here vessels may work up to 40 to 45 weeks in a year, but one can assume an average charter rate of 30-34 weeks!


Security and value retention

With the purchase of the vessel you purchase property to be entered in a ship register. Your investment is backed up by a fully comprehensible insurance replacement value, which of course also covers the charter risk.

A well maintained charter yacht is generally in a better technical condition than many privately owned yachts! This may sound like a contradiction at first, but upon closer inspection it is easy to explain: the equipment on board (instruments, etc ....) become just as worn as equipment in frequent use (due to corrosion, condensation, fouling by salt, "seagull droppings", etc ...). Due to infrequent use of equipment on private yachts, these (engine, transmission, etc ...), tend to last longer well after the warranty/guarantee period expires, hence, making repairs very expensive. On charter yachts on the other hand, such problems are identified early due to extended use and professional service and may still be repaired within the warranty period.

An all year (including winter) team of well trained staff take care of the yachts using the best technical equipment available at our bases (machinery, spare parts ....). Hence, we can ensure the maintenance and value entrusted to us by our clients over the years.


Damage and wear

Major damage is rare on our charter yachts! Most insurance cases involve "Park Damage", so things can be repaired easily, such damage may also occur on a privately owned yacht. Deductions from the deposit happen of course on our ships these involve mostly lost equipment (fenders, etc., ...).
Almost all of our customers treat their charter yacht as if it were their own. It would actually be very stupid of a charter crew not to do so, as a result they would be risking their own holiday! Another measure to insure we only get "good" charter crews is the price level and the high security deposit. If one were to compare our company with other charter companies one can clearly see that studies have shown that with a cheap charter price and / or no security deposit the frequency of claims increases tenfold.

A charter vessel is naturally more used over the course of a year than a private yacht would be. The essential parts of a good yacht (hull, deck, rigging and technology) however are encumbered during charter operations hardly more than they would have been as private yacht! 
The parts of the vessel mostly put out to wear and tear are generally easy to replace parts such as upholstery and the like. Therefore, in the Mediterranean we feel that a year-round maintenance is very important. Some of the "cosmetic work" such as sanding down / repainting the furniture is only possible to complete during longer waiting periods (during the winter months). This clearly contributes to maintaining the value of a ship. This is then reflected by a high resale value.