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Become a yacht owner!

To own a yacht somewhere, in one of the many beautiful sailing destinations of the world, certainly is any sailor's dream!

Between dream and reality often are hurdles like e.g. how to finance the yacht, what costs are involved to maintain it, the time needed to spend on maintanance etc..

With our charter-management system, we have the perfect solution for all these problems!

How does it work?

You buy your yacht via us, for which we are also able to offer you a suitable way to finance it through one of our partners. Apart from brand new yachts, you could also think about getting a used one from our  offer !

During the time when you don't use the yacht yourself, we will charter it for you. How the revenue is divided, will be exactly defined in a contract, which can be closed for a year (with an option on automatic prolongation) up to 10 years. We also offer other concepts where financing is included. We take care of all issues concerning your yacht, from its equipment, transport, first watering, paperwork to put it into charter, insurance, mooring etc.. up to a possible sale at the end of the charter time.

We take care of your yacht the whole year round in a highly professional manner, so you don't have to worry about anything, nor do you have to spend valuable holiday time on cleaning, repairs and the like.

Ideally, the perfect charter yacht should be inexpensive, have low maintanance costs, should be highly popular amongst charter clients over the entire (!!) time the yacht can be chartered, and still have great value when reselling.

Of course, there is no such yacht that perfectly fulfills all these criteria, thus, the choice is based on a compromise of all factors mentioned. Also the size/number of cabins as well as the planned use of the yacht after charter (private use only or reselling, etc.) needs to be reflected upon. There is no warft that offers such a wide range to always have the right yacht in its portfolio. Therefor, a solid, thorough and independent advice is extremely important. Just give us a call and tell us what you have in mind. We are happy to discuss all advantages/disadvantages of the different types of yachts, warfts, sailing areas etc.!

An important issue when choosing what yacht is its reselling value. Without a good reselling value, a possibly cheap price when buying then becomes useless. This is something that many buyers neglect, as a cheap price often is very tempting. To resell however is normally up to the owner, and thus, the owner bears this risk completely by himself!

Used yachts

A question often asked is, if it is possible to purchase a used yacht within our system. This largely depends on the building year, yacht type and size. But the sailing area where it is located also can influence this. For example in Croatia, but also in many other sailing areas, the registration for charter involves relatively high costs. Thus, for a 5-6 year old yacht, a new registration might be very unattractive and not worth while anymore, as the costs can only be set off against charter revenues of a few years.

Every now and again, we offer used yachts from our charter fleet in Croatia, which obviously have all necessary papers for charter already, so for these yachts no registration costs need to be made. If you are interested in a second hand yacht, have a look at our current offer. Some of these yachts can be taken over with their actual financing models. Especially interesting for a used yacht is to base it on the Cape Verde Islands, as here, the year of construction is not that significant.

We manage and take care of your yacht directly or via a partner company in either

Croatia (Pula, Split)


Cape Verde (All year round sailing!)

Thanks to our experience based on many many years in charter business, we have a tight network of partners in all sailing areas worldwide. Therefor, we can also offer you to base your yacht in many other sailing destinations (e.g. Spain, Italy, Caribbean, Southsea-Tahiti, Seychelles, Thailand). In that case, we will of course also take care of charter, accountance, maintanance & spare parts etc..

How many years a yacht can be chartered, depends strongly on the size/number of cabins, type (brand/quality), as well as on the sailing area it is based in. How popular elderly yachts are for sure also depends on the manufacturer of the boat! Based on our experience, a period of roughly 6-8 years would be a realistic indicator. With larger monohulls (approx. 50 ft.) as well as catamarans, this time frame can be extended up to 10 years. We will happily assist you in planing the time frame for charter, bearing in mind the size and type of the yacht you are looking at!

In the Mediterrenean, the maximum of weeks that a yacht will be booked realistically lies around 26-28 weeks, depending on yacht size, as well as on its equipment (heating, bow thruster, radar etc..) There are years, where this number of weeks is reached and the yacht is booked for the full season. However, it would not be serious to just base our calculation of income on these extremely succesful years. We base our calculation based on more charter seasons. Again, depending on type of yacht, size, nr. of cabins etc., the time a yacht is booked lies somewhere between 18 and 22 weeks.

On the Cape Verde Islands, to charter is possible the whole year round, which obviously increases revenues. In peak times, we have had yachts that were booked for 40 - 45 weeks - however, it is fair to say, on avarage, here you can count on a charter time of 30-34 weeks.

In buying a yacht, you are purchasing proprietorship that is registered in a register of shipping. Your investment is insured by a fully comprehensive insurance, which of course covers the charter risk also. 

A well maintained yacht often has a better value and is in better technical shape after its charter time than its privately used "colleagues". This might sound paradoxical at first, but when thinking about it, it becomes clear easily: On a yacht that doesn't move for a while, the technical parts (instruments etc.) are strained just as much as on one which is sailing a lot (corrosion, condensation, building of salt crusts, bird poo etc.). And because on private yachts, the use is not very intense, most defects occur just after the warranty time is over. This can lead to partially very costly repairs (engine, gear untis etc..) On chartered yachts however, due to more frequent use, when problems like this occur, they are recognised and solved quicker and often still within the guarantee period.

Due to our technically well equiped bases (machinerey, spare parts etc.), as well as our highly competent and professionally skilled employees who work for us all year round (in Winter also), we are able to retain the value of the yachts entrusted to us over many years.

Large damages on our charter yachts are very rare! Most claims involve parking damages, and thus things that can be fixed easily, and that also occur on privately used yachts. Of course, there are also cases where we have to deduct something of the deposit, mostly in  case of lost items (like fenders etc..)

Almost all of our clients take care of the chartered yacht as if it was their own. It would be very silly of them not to, as they would jeopardise their own holidays. Another and easy way of selecting "good" charter clients is the pricing and the deposit. In comparison to other charter companies, it turns out that the number of damage claims increases when the charter rates are cheap and/or no deposit is required.

Of course, the use of a charter yacht is more intense than one used privately only. However, the vital parts of the yacht (hull, deck, rig, technology on board) are hardly strained more in charter than on a private yacht. Those parts that are worn off most are parts that can be replaced easily, like the upholstery etc.. This is why, in the Mediterrenean, it is important to maintain and service yachts the whole year round, as a lot of "cosmetical jobs", like sanding and repainting the furniture can only be done during winter when the yacht is not moving. Obviously, this contributes to value retention and will be reflected in getting a better price for the yacht when reselling at a later stage. Bases who only employ their staff for the season, will not have staff available for important jobs like these.