Bali 4.8 Catamaran

BALI 4.8 Catamaran - an exceptional yacht in the 50ft category

Ever since Oliver Poncin and his team introduced the BALI Cats to the market, they were met with great enthusiasm and interest, due to the spacious design and the excellent sailing performance these boats have. Now, with the introduction of the BALI 4.8 catamaran, the designers present the missing link between the BALI 4.5 and BALI 5.4. The BALI 4.8 is the sister of the succesful 5.4 and offers unrivaled comfort. 2019 will be the year of the BALI 4.8 Open Space!
Bali 4.8 catamaran: Innovation in the genes…
* The seaworthy and robust front deck that provides BALI Cats with more stability, protects against spray water and offers an extra large sundeck combined with an overwhelming cockpit in the front where the entire crew has space easily.
* The Bali “open space” concept that unites cockpit and saloon, and can be closed with a glass door which can be tilted.
* The raised helm station and the convivial flybridges
* The large sliding windows ensure great air circulation
* Generous fuel, water and fridge/freezer capacities, better than all other cats in this category/class
* The new integral aft platform for increased safety
* Due to the use of high quality materials, BALI Cats have a great weight/sailing performance relationship, which again is emphasised by the design of the sleek underwater body of the boat
* The iterior design of Lasta Design, that combines clear and pure lines with modern and exclusive materials
* and lots of other details that make life on board so much more enjoyable!
One step further
The BALI 4.8 catamaran too, follows the Open Space concept.  The extremely spacious cockpit/saloon can be opened up completely, thanks to the large electrical tilt- and turn-door. You can get to the bows and forward cockpit via a door. The giant front window and the sliding door provide great ventilation and wonderful views. Another great innovation is the access to the cosy and comfy aft cabins (or central cabins, depending on the configuration) via two large hatches. The access is easy and safe.
Bali 4.8 catamaran sets new standards in comfort and liveability
With the owner version, the BALI 4.8 is setting new standards as well! The owner cabin can be constructed with a hull with 2 or 3 cabins (3 or 4 cabin version). But you can also pick a 4- or 5-cabin version. For charter, a 6-cabin version is possible too (with 6 bathrooms). Please note, a maximum of 12 people on board is allowed here. To accommodate a crew of this size, storage, water and fridge/freezer need to be provided accordingly. The BALI 4.8 meets all these needs perfectly with its 1.000 liter water tank and its 615 liter fridge/freezer – including an ice-maker!

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Technical specifications

Bali 4.8

  • Conception: Olivier Poncin
  • Design: Xavier FAŸ
  • Iterior design: Lasta Design Studio
  • Lenght over all: 14.88 m (with optional bowsprit)
  • hull lenght: 14.06 m
  • beam: 7.88 m
  • draft: 1.35 m’
  • displacement min: 15.3 t
  • displacement max: 22 t
  • Standard Mainsail: 83 m² (Optional 86m²)
  • Code 0: 96 m²
  • selftaking jib: 47 m²
  • watertank: 1 000 l
  • Dieseltank: 1 000 l
  • fridge and deepfreeze: 615 l approx.
  • engines: 2 x 45 hp / Optional 2 x 57 hp Yanmar

CE Cat : A - 12 Personen

360° Panorama

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