Yachtcharter Dodekanes

Idyllic & relaxed

Discover the islands of Kos, Rhodes or Samos!

Rhodes has a wonderful marina located opposite of the middle aged town.

Another lovely starting point for your trip is the marina of Kos. On this buzzing island, which is especially known for its night life, you can still find many quiet bays away from the turmoil and perfect for relaxation.

Due to its short transfer time, Samos is the perfect starting point for trips to Icaria, Patmos with its famous monastry of the apostle Saint John, or Kalymnos, the island of sponge divers.

Trend Travel Yachting Charter Griechenland Dodekanes - Revierkarte
Charter Griechenland Dodekanes - Revierkarte

You can also sail to Turkey, but you should be aware of the necessary documents and formalities for entering and leaving Greece and Turkish national waters.

Trend Travel Yachting Charter Griechenland Rhodos - Lindos Bucht, St Pauls Bucht
Paulus Bucht bei Lidnos auf Rhodos


A: 13 days (approx.250 nm)
B: 1 week (approx. 185 nm)


In Summer wind is blowing with 4–6 Bft. from the N, in spring and autumn it gets weaker and from the SE-Winds.


Airport Kos to base about 30 min, airport Rhodes to Mandraki about 15 min, airport Samos to base approx. 10 min.

Charter bases

Kos, Rhodes, Samos.