Cape Verde – Fogo

Sailing to Fogo: the volcanic island

Fogo, the volcanic island, is the highest island of Cabo Verde with its volcano Pico de Fogo. Rising from 4.000 m below sea level, the almost symetrical cone has another 2.829m above sea level. At the bottom of this huge volcano, there is a caldera (Cha das Caldeiras), about 8 kilometers in diameter. In 1995, a small volcano erupted in this caldera (Pico Pequeno) and destroyed the 100 year old vineyard .

The famous Fogo wine was grown here, which was the basis of existence of both villages Portela and Bangaeira. After the eruption, the winery was slowly restored again, and in 2014 a visitor centre was founded with the help of European development aid funding.

Geografische Lage/geographical location 14°57’N 24°23’W
Hauptort/ main village São Filipe
Länge/length 26 km
Breite/width 26 km
Fläche/area 476 km2
Höchster Berg/h. mount Pico de Fogo
Einwohner/inhabitants  ca./approx. 37.400
Ankerbuchten/anchor bays: 

  1. São Filipe
  2. Cavaleiros
  3. Nossa Senora
  4. Moteiros
  5. Cha das Caldeiras