Cape Verde – Santa Luzia

Sailing to Santa Luzia: Uninhabitated, a nature reserve!

Santa Luzia (nature sanctuary) offers good protection against waves and the trade winds coming from the North-East. Apart from a couple of fisher boats, the islands of St. luzia, Branco, Razo that are only temporarily inhabitated over Summer, are only visited occasionaly by a motor - or sailing yacht. Numerous species of dolphins are passing by the islands over the Winter months up until Spring, when hump back whales come to the archipelogo to mate.

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The gorgeous white sand beach of Baia de Praia attracts sunbathers and swimmers alike. Snorkeling fans can even observe the beautiful, colourful fish like the green and yellow shiny emperors fish. You are also likely to see sea turtles over the Summer months.

Geographical location 16°45’N  24°44’W
Length 8,6 km
Width 4,3 km
Area 34 km2
Highest mountain: Monte Orande
Anchor bays: 

  1. Baia de Praia