Cape Verde – Sao Vicente

Sailing to Sao Vicente and musical Mindelo

Sao Vicente is the most interesting island of Cabo Verde from a cultural point of view. Mindelo is the second largest city and known for its music and festivals. Morna, which is how the locals call their music, will accompany you everywhere. International artists like Césaria Évora, have started their career in the pubs of the marina of Mindelo! A special highlight is the music festival  "Baia das Gatas Festival" in August (the first weekend with full moon in August), as well as the carnival of Mindelo with brasilian feel!

The marina of Mindelo is the first and only fully equiped marina (incl. a sail makery, water, electricity, fuel station etc.) on the Cape Verde Islands, and is located in the vicinity of the picturesque old town of Mindelo.

Market halls, fish markets, cafés and restaurants in colonial style offer a pleasant transition to the local environment, before you head of to unspoilt, lonely and authentic areas in the following days.