Neel 51 trimaran

Neel 51 Trimaran: Exclusivity under sails

The NEEL 51 trimaran combines the advantages of the NEEl 45 and 65 – performance and living comfort. A blue water yacht for the entire family, easy to handle even with a small crew, fast like a racing yacht, and as comfortable as a large cat. It is no surprise that the NEEL 51 trimaran was awarded with the “European Yacht of the Year” 2018 in the boat category multi hull.

The living space between cockpit and saloon is open and creates a lovely living area. At the same time, the lounge in the upper part offers extra space to enjoy and relax. The owner cabin in the upper part has an incredible view and can be reached barrier-free. And the storage space is amazing and seems never ending: It seems anything will fit onto this yacht, regardless what it might be.

The Neel 51 trimaran – Voices from the press:

“…the warft in La Rochelle cleverly combines the advantages of a trimaran with a leight-weight construction. This explains the amazing features this ship has to offer: Its incredible size and its seemingly contradictory high class sailing performance. The interior is functional, adjustable and very well thought out. But also in its sailing performance, the NEEL 51 shows its class. With only little wind, she sails like a sporty performance-cruiser – sensitive response to the steering wheel, acceleration, even a light heeling. When the winds gets stronger, you’ve got your ticket to high-speed sailing on this boat. The best multihull on the market, with the comfort of an luxury appartment with a terrace, yet sailing like a high speed racing yacht.” (Roland Duller, Yachtrevue 2/2018)

“Indeed, the NEEL 51 was amongst the fastest yachts when testing the boats. On top of that, it caught an amazing height; angles of 90 degrees when turning whilst keeping the maximum windward speed, left other multihulls but also numerous monohulls behind. And that wasn’t the only fascinating feature. Then all of this is based on precise pressure on the rudder and the highest possible transparency. The immense space with up to 5 double cabins is flabbergasting. Even the technicians room is huge and has lots of storage space at full headroom. Very clever also, the connection between the saloon and the cockpit; when the sliding doors are open, both areas dissolve into one. Excellent and well done!” (Yacht 2/18).

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Technical specifications

Neel 51 Trimaran

  • Overall length: 15,60 m
  • Beam over all: 8,9 m
  • Displacement: 14 000 kg
  • Draft: 1,5 m
  • Engine power: 75 Hp
  • Mainsail: 97 m²
  • Furling Genoa: 74.5 m²
  • furling Staysail: 31 m²
  • Fuel capacity: 600 L
  • Water capacity: 600 L
  • Designers / Architekt: NEEL Trimaran

360° Panorama

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