GDPR – Privacy policy

Trend Travel & Yachting Privacy Policy

GDPR -  Declaration of consent

In  order for us to process your booking,  we might  have  to ask you for additional data and  information  which  we also might  have to forward  on to our partner  companies that  are entrusted  with your booking.

We kindly ask for your understanding   that with the GDPR, we now have  to explicitly ask for your consent.  Please also get the consent  of all people  whose data  you are sending  on to us.

All our partner  companies   are obliged  by us to handle  your data  with the utmost care  and  safety, and  only and  exclusively use your data  for purposes which  relate  to your booking  (e.g. crew  list, sailing license,  radio  license, passport etc.)  Furthermore, they are allowed  to keep  these data  only for as long as the law prescribes.

Without  your consent  to continuous  use of your data,  we shall only keep  them within the legal  parameters  of safekeeping   (accounting,  guarantee or warranty  issues), and  exclusively use them for these purposes.

However,  third parties that we provide  with customer  data  remain  fully responsible for their correct  use and  safekeeping.