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Spectacular reefs and lonely beaches

The Whitsundays are known for their sumptuous rainforrests, torrential waterfalls, lonely beaches and spectacular reefs. The 74 tropical islands are one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world, with its many uninhabited islands and natural reserves. Submerge in the fascinating underwater world and swim with dolphins and turtles, while watching stunning coral formations, especially between Bowen and Mackay. Whitehaven Beach, which is the 3rd most beautiful beach worldwide, is a 6 km long beach strip with pure quartz sand.

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Australia- Airlie beach

The base is situated on Hamilton Island - sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, in front of the northeast coast of Queensland. Sail towards the north to Hook Island. Two lovely entrances in the south of the island offer sheltered moorings. Visit the small cave in Nara Inlet with paintings and graffiti of the aboriginals. Or, another goal could be Arlie Beach on the mainland. This small town has a buzzing main street with lots of restaurants and bars and small shops to offer a bit of distraction from life aboard. A Powercat from Hamilton Island is definitely suitable for skippers with experience in coastal navigation!


2 weeks (approx. 160 nm)


The best time to sail is from November to March with wind forces around 2-5 Bft.. from the northeast. From March to September winds coming mainly from the southeast with forces around 3-5 Bft..Tidal range is from 1,3 - 3,8 m..


International flights e.g. to Sydney, onwards with connecting flight to Hamilton Island (about 2,5 hrs.). From Hamilton Island airport to base: about 5 mins..

Charter bases

Shute Harbour, Airlie Beach

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