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Sailing on the Cape Verde Islands

Charter a yacht or catamaran from our fleet

Discover a sailor's paradise on the other side of Africa

The Cape Verde Islands are very diverse, every island has something different to discover. If you are interested in finding out more on each specific island, check out our information on all islands HERE

Sailing itineraries

A: 1 Woche (ca. 153 Seemeilen)
B: 2 Wochen (ca. 322 Seemeilen)


Best time to sail: November-March with wind forces around 4-6 Bft.. Summertime: Northeastern trade winds around 2-4 Bft.

Average temperatures

November–March: 24–29 °C. Water temperatures around 25 °C. Summer: max. 32 °C, Water temp. around 24–26 °C.

Necessary documents

A visa is mandatory, also, you need to give us your resumé of sailing and a copy of your sailing license at the time of booking.


Airport São Vicente to base: 15 min. Flightinformation: charter@trend-travel-yachting.com

Charter base

Marina Mindelo/São Vicente.

What to expect on Cabo Verde:

· steady trade winds

· no hurricanes
· caribbean weather-and water conditions
· unspoilt nature
· english speaking base manager
· highly interesting submarine world
· friendly and happy locals
· unique music and culture
· neue Marina in Mindelo
· sailing area all year round