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Yacht Charter Mexico - Baja California

Sailing along desert landscapes

Mexico's peninsula in the Pacific Ocean is bigger than Italy and twice as long as Florida. The starting point for your trip is the marina Costa Baja (La Paz). Enjoy an evening in one of the excellent restaurants or bars before setting off to sail. We recommend you to stock up on food and beverages for your trip in La Paz, as outside, it is difficult to get the groceries you want.


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Enjoy a sailing trip to the Sea of Cortez, and anchor in one of the numerous sheltered anchor bays. This sailing district is located on the west coast of Mexico, with a warm climate and over 300 sunny days a year. From January until April, dolphins and whales are often seen here, as well as many kinds of sea birds. Visit the Isla San José and observe the sea lions that live there.

You will see that the area of Baja California is great for snorkeling and diving, and a unique experience for nature lovers. From the middle of January to the end of March, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of grey whales. You should also definitely  consider to visit some of the many historical sites. As it can become quite cool in the evenings, we recommend to take enough warm clothing with you.


A: 8 days  (approx. 157 nm)
2 weeks: please send us your request, we are happy to assist you.


Best time is to sail from December until May with calm seas and easy sailing conditions. Wind forces are around 3–6 Bft., mostly coming from N/NW, in summer mostly S/SE- winds.

Average temperatures

Daily temperatures in Winter are around 25 °C, at this time the nights can get really cool. Hurricane season is from June-November (especially from August til October!).


Via Mexico or Los Angeles to La Paz. Airport La Paz to Marina Costa Baja approx. 15 min. Please be aware of the travelling entry requirements for the USA.

Charter bases

La Paz/Marina Costa Baja.

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