Yacht Charter Norway – Oslo, Lofoten, North Cape

Explore fjords and watch whales in the midnight sun

We recommend the district of the Lofoten in the north part of Norway only to experienced sailors. A good time to sail is in Summer, with winds mainly blowing from the west. However, due to the fjords and the high mountains, you should expect down draughts, also on quiet and sunny days. The midnight sun is something very special which you can experience from May to July. During this time, the sun never really sets. Tromsø would be a good departure base for this.

In June, July and August you can also book a Oneway from Svolvær to Tromsø or vice versa. The Lofoten have stunning landscapes to offer, and if you are lucky, you can observe killer whales, humpback whales and seals.

The island of Røst is situated completely in the south. Here, and also on the surrounding islands, about a quarter of the Norwegian sea birds are nesting. The fisher village Henningsvær or Nusfjord are especially well-known, as they consist of wooden houses. In Borg you could visit the Viking musuem. If you fancy to combine sailing and hiking, then you should visit the island of Senja. In the natural reserve Anerdalen, you can discover 500 year old pine trees, endless forests and maybe even a few reindeers.

Another base would be the capital of Norway, Oslo (Fornebu Marina), at the inner side of the Oslo fjord, which has a length of approx 100 km. Against what is expected, in Summertime, the temperatures can rise up to 20 °C or more, and the approx. 40 islands offer a great, yet challenging sailing area.

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Humpback Whale


A: 1 week (approx. 156 nm)


It is an ideal sailing area in summer with mainly west winds. Please note that draughts can occur anytime due to the fjords and the steep mountains. There is a tidal range from 2 to 2,7 m.. From May to July (midnight sun) you can count on temperatures of approx. 20° C.


Airport Tromsø to base Tromsø 10 min, airport Svolværto base Svolvær 10 min, airport Oslo to base 45 min.

Charter bases

Tromsø, Svolvær, Oslo.

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Norway, Hamnoy fisherman's village, Lofoten
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Tromso Marina