Yacht charter Seychelles – Mahé, Praslin

Sailing on the Seychelles

Charter a yacht or catamaran and enjoy the local charm and contemplation

Mahé is surrounded by 3 national parks and 65 beaches. The lushious vegetation on the inside of the island consists mainly of rainforrests, coconut trees and cinnamon plantations. Anchor in quiet bays, walk along beautiful sandy beaches, swim in water that is between 28 and 30 °C warm. April and May are the sunniest months. Silhouette is the third largest island of the Seychelles: no streets, only hiking paths, a world yet to be discovered. It is a mountainy island, with a sumptuous and diverse forrest. Frégate is owned privately. The best time for snorkeling is April/May and October/November (best sight), for bird observations April (nesting time) until October.

Coco de Mer
Coco de Mer

The island Praslin is located about 23 sea miles away from Mahé. You can reach the second largest island per island hopper-plane, or of course, per sailing yacht. Secludedness and contemplation are 2 main issues here on this island. The Anse Lazio and Georgette are counted amongst the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Praslin is surrounded by smaller islands, so you can play things by ear and comfortably sail from one island to the next. The inside of the island is mostly untouched jungle . The national park Vallée de Mai, which is under UNESCO care since 1984, is the home of the unique Coco de Mer (Seychelles palm tree) as well as lizards and some of the rarest bird on the planet.

On La Digue, the fourth largest island, there are hardly any cars, and thus, you will explore the island mainly by foot, bicycle or ox cart. The island is full of charm and contemplation, as well as stunning beaches. Cousin Island is a bird sanctuary. You can visit the nesting places with a guide. The underwater world reflects the beautiful colours of the different coral reefs, shells and over 900 different kinds of fish. Curieuse: Visit the former lepra station at the Anse San José. From here, you can walk to the next beach where you can see giant sea turtles.


SE-Monsoon - 12 days

approx. 141 nm)

NW-monsoon 2 weeks

(approx. 197 nm)


June til September dry periods. My until Ocotber SE -winds with around2–5 Bft., December unitl March NW wind with 2–3 Bft., in April NW/NE/SE-wind. Often rainfall in December/January. Tidal range of about 1,8 m. No hurricanes! Strongest winds: June until August.

Temperatures on average

From June - September temperatures of around 28 °C.


Airport Mahé to Eden Island Marina 15 km. Airport Praslin to marina 5 km.

Charter base

Baie St. Anne/Praslin, Eden Island