Sweden, Finland & Lithunia

Sailing in Sweden, Finland & Lithuania

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The skerry district of the northern part of the Baltic Sea is one of the most unique sailing areas in the world. It consists of approximately 1.000 rocky islands, in which you will find skerries with green meadows as well as barren ones. The Baltic Sea is a partially closed sea. This is the reason it is only mildly salty and there are no tides. In the brackish water of the Baltic Sea, various fish feel at home, like percids or pikes.

Various charter bases near Stockholm or also in Finland are at your disposal. Just be aware that when mooring in a small bay, it is well possible there will be noone on the island.

The marinas around Stockholm or Marienhamn are excellent starting points for sailing trips, especially if you like to get to know 3 very different cities and cultures: Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn. Starting of in Marstrand, up north from Goteborg, you can sail alongside the west coast of Sweden.

New in our charter programme are the baltic states Estonia from Tallin, or Lithuania from Klaipeda. Discover this new sailing area or travel to Sweden or Finland from here.




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A: 1 week (about 87 nm)
B: 2 weeks (about 205 nm)


Mild climate, but strong fluctuations are possible. It is hot in Summer, there is mild weather in Spring as well as in Autumn. July is the hottest month with an average temperature of approx. 21 °C. Mostly moderate winds from the west.


Airport Stockholm to Käppala 15 min, to Saltsjäbaden 30 min, to Malma Kvarn t40 min. Airport/ ferry port Mariehamn to basis 5 min, airport Goteborg to Marstrand 60 min, airport Turku to Taalintehdas 90 min.

Charter bases

Sweden: Mariehamn, Käppala, Malma kvarn, Nyköping.

Finland: Taalintehdas.

Estonia: Tallin.

Lithuania: Klaipėda.