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Discover the authentic kingdom!

The kingdom of Tonga consist of 171 islands and is divided into 4 groups of islands: Tongatupu, Vava’u, Haapai and Niuas.

Start your trip from Neiafu (Vava’u-group) and explore this very authentic region. The sailing area for your trip is limited to the Vava’u islands.

The island of Manaita is surrounded by a coral reef – which is every snorkelers and divers dream. Another unique experience is the marines cove. Sail to Nuapapu and dive through the cave.

If you want to try a typical Polynesian dish, go to Pangaimotu to the beach of Hinakawe’a. Enjoy the variety the delicious food and get to know the local culture.

From June to November, whales are gathering in the deep blue water.

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Tonga - Map


9 days( approx. 68 sea miles)

A: 9 Tage (ca. 68 Seemeilen)


Best time to sail is May until September. From April until November wind is blowing with 3–5 Bft. from SE, December until March NW-Wind with 2–4 Bft. Tidal range approx. 1 m.

Average temperatures

Pleasant temperatures with approx. 24 °C on a yearly average.


E.g. via New Zealand -Tonga to Vava’u. Airport Vava’u to base Neiafu about 15 min.

Necessary documents

Please note that a valid passport is mandatory and it needs to be valid until at least 6 months after arrival. You have to show your return flight ticket upon arrival.

Charter base


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