Yacht Charter Seychelles

Yacht Charter Seychelles

Explore an almost untouched paradise and marvel at smoothly polished granite rocks, long white sandy beaches as well as beautiful flora and fauna. Be aware that you need prior sailing experience as you will be sailing on the open sea. Plan your Seychelles cruise on time and benefit from our early bird discounts!

Seychelles - Map

Yacht charter Seychelles: a lot of charm and relaxation

Mahé is surrounded by three national parks and 65 beaches. The lush vegetation in the interior of the island consists of rainforests, coconut palms and cinnamon plantations. Anchor in quiet coves, stroll along fascinating white sand beaches and swim in the 28 to 30 ° C warm water. The sunniest months are April and May.

Silhouette is the third largest island in the Seychelles. There are no roads, but only hiking trails. The mountainous island with a dense and species-rich equatorial forest is almost untouched.

Frégate is a private island. The best time for snorkelling is April/May and October/November (largest view). If you are interested in bird watching, you should visit the island sometime between April and October. 

Praslin is located approximately 23 nautical miles away from Mahé. You can reach the second-largest island by taking an island-hopping flight from Mahé or with your yacht. You definitely have to visit the beaches Anse Lazio and Georgette. Both of them belong to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Praslin is surrounded by small islands, allowing you to sail with ease from one island to the next. The interior of the island consists of almost untouched jungle. The Vallée de Mai National Park is under UNESCO protection since 1984 and is home to the unique Coco de Mer (Seychelles palm), as well as lizards and some of the rarest birds in the world. snorkellng

On La Digue, the fourth largest island, there are almost no cars. Therefore, you have to move by foot, bicycle or oxcart. The island is very charming and offers a great place for relaxation and beautiful beaches. 

Cousin Island is a bird sanctuary. You can visit nesting places of thousands of birds with a guide. The underwater world offers various corals, shells and an amazing number of 900 species of fish.

In Curieuse you can visit the former leprosarium on the Anse San José. From here you can start a hike to the giant turtles on the next bay.

Vallée de Mai, Praslin
Giant Tortoise
Trend travel yachting Seychelles - Snorkelling in La Digue
Seychelles - Snorkelling in La Digue
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Seychelles - Colourful Underwater World


SE-Monsun - 12 days (approx.  141 nautical miles)

NW-Monsun 2 weeks (approx. 197 nautical miles)


The dry period lasts from June to September. From May to October SE-winds prevail with 2-5 Bft., From December to March NW winds with 2-3 Bft.,  April NW / NE / SE winds ahead. Heavy rains occur in December/January. The tidal difference is up to 1.8 m. No hurricanes! Strongest wind months are June to August.

Average temperatures

From June to September you can expect temperatures around 28 ° C.

Arrival / Transfer

Mahé Airport to Eden Island Marina is about 15 km. Praslin airport to the marina is about 5 km.

Charter Bases

Baie St. Anne/Praslin, Eden Island Marina/Mahé.

Cabin Charter

Would you like to relax and not stress about navigating a boat during your charter? Then, book a cabin on a cruise, for 3 to 11 nights. Just contact us to receive more information. Our Seychelles specialist Margit Grassl-Desfour is looking forward to your charter request!

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