Yacht charter Seychelles – Mahé, Praslin

Yacht charter Seychelles – Mahé, Praslin Yacht charter request Sailing on the Seychelles Charter a yacht or catamaran and enjoy the local charm and contemplation Mahé is surrounded by 3 national parks and 65 beaches. The lushious vegetation on the inside of the island consists mainly of rainforrests, coconut trees and cinnamon plantations. Anchor in quiet…

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Yacht charter Malaysia – Langkawi

Trend Travel Yachting, Charter  Langkawi

Malaysia – Langkawi Yacht charter request Yacht Charter Malaysia – Langkawi  Back to nature Langkawi offers many sheltered places to anchor, the northern bays being the most beautiful. Explore pristine beaches and chalk groves with your dinghy. Another Must-see is the 8 to 10 meters wide arm between Langkawi and Pulao Langgtun. Sail along the…

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Charter Thailand – Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Chang

Thailand Yachtcharter Anfrage Yacht Charter Thailand Phuket: Emerald green movie scenery Depart from Phuket, and set sails towards the north in the fascinating Bay of Phang-Nga with its emerald green water and characteristic lime rocks. If you anchor in front of Koh Yao Yai you can visit the worldfamous island of James Bond. Phi Phi Don has become wellknown…

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