Yacht charter Tonga

Tonga Yacht charter request Yacht Charter Tonga Discover the authentic kingdom! The kingdom of Tonga consist of 171 islands and is divided into 4 groups of islands: Tongatupu, Vava’u, Haapai and Niuas. Start your trip from Neiafu (Vava’u-group) and explore this very authentic region. The sailing area for your trip is limited to the Vava’u…

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Yacht charter New Caledonia – Nouméa

Trend Travel Yachting Revierinfos Neukaledonien Kanumera, Beach on Isle Of Pines

New Caledonia Yacht charter request Yacht Charter New Caledonia Sail in the largest lagoon in the world The biggest lagoon in the world is surrounded by a 1.600 km large coral reef. New Caledonia constists of Grand Terre, the main island 400 km long and 60 km wide, and offers numerous other islands and atolls,…

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