Neel 65 Trimaran

NEEL 65 Evolution Trimaran Trend Travel Yachting

Welcome to a new sailing dimension The NEEL 65 trimaran leaves nothing to wish for. A garage for the dinghy, storage space in the side hulls accesible from the back. Large cockpit, lounge on the flybridge, huge kitchen, stunning owner cabin etc. etc. Ready for long trips. A boat that can hardly be surpassed.

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NEEL 52 Trimaran

Neel 52 by Trend Travel Yachting Beitrag

The NEEL 52 replaces the very successful NEEL 51 from 2023. The concept of the NEEL 52 remains the same as in the NEEL 51, with the following changes: – more modern hull shapes (especially outer hulls) – more expansion variants – more storage space and space in the owner’s cabin (since wet cell and…

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Jeanneau – Sun Fast 3600

Performance, technology and speed At sea, speed and exciting sailing experiences are guaranteed, without compromising reliability, handling and safety on board. These yachts impress with their seaworthiness. the sturdiness of their sails and the robust way they are built. For sailors of all competencies, the Sun Fast line is the summit of sheer delight combined…

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Jeanneau – Sun Fast 3200

Built for fast sailing At sea, speed and exciting impressions are guaranteed, without compromising reliability, handling and safety. This sailing yacht will impress you with its seaworthiness, firmness of sails and its robust construction. For sailors of all performance categories, the Sun Fast line of Jeanneau stands for unlimited sailing fun combined with speed which…

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Sun Odyssey 490

Sun Odyssey 490 Trend Travel Yachting

Eine neue Vision vom Leben an Bord Philippe Briand und Jean-Marc Piation haben mit dem Entwurf der Sun Odyssey 490 die perfekt Balance zwischen modernem, zeitgemäßem Design sowie noch nie dagewesenem Komfort an Deck gefunden. Die 49 Fuß Yacht revolutioniert die Bewegungsfreiheit an Bord. Beispielsweise wurden die Seitendecks leicht abfallend zum Cockpit konstruiert um einen…

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